1. I make music for myself; songs and instrumentals. A collection of them are here on this site. I have released music through the excellent label Two Bright Lakes, and now release through Little Lake Records which is a continuation of the spirit of Two Bright Lakes, run by Chris Bolton and I.

2. Most of the things you might want to know about my process and musical ideas are in this beautifully written article by Jon Tjhia, titled 'Discord and Distortion'.

3. I also love to write music for moving images:

The Funny Ones - (ABC show for the International Day Of The Girl 2017)

Happy Sad Man - (feature length documentary - in production)

The Inland Road - (feature length NZ film, scored with James Kenyon)

I Am Eleven (feature length documentary)

Within - featuring Guy Pearce (surfing film)

Further We Search (feature film, scored with Chris Bolton)

Stephanie Alexander: Real Kids Real Food (cooking DVD, scored with John Bedgegood)

The Heart and The Sea, Dave Rastovich Olo Section (surfing film)

I can be contacted for scoring and composition work at nick@twobrightlakes.com.